Know More About Using Aluminum Gantries Over The Engine Hoist

You must have often come across engine hoist in the automotive garages consisting of the cantilever arm and a post. The capacity and the features of the engine hoist make it a familiar option for several industries when it comes to the lifting capacities of the equipment. However, there are a few jobs that this hoist cannot perform and quite naturally, the industries try to look for alternative solutions. The Aluminum Gantries provide the right option, when the engine hoist cannot perform and carry the heavy loads. With a strong base that uses two legs, the arm of the hoist reaches out over the engine and provides stability, during the functioning of the hoist. Often this feature falls short of functioning capabilities where lifting heavy load is concerned.

Problem in the engine hoist

The engine hoist can run into trouble, when lifting certain kinds of vehicles, as the arm may not be long enough to reach the engine. To tackle this issues, using the Aluminum Gantries automotive garage hoistoffer a better solution. Replacing the engine hoist with the aluminum gantry crane reduces the risk of damage to the vehicles. Similarly, while trying to remove the engine from the trucks, the engines hoists cannot reach the height over the hood especially, when they come fitted with the suspension lift kit. If you are not so keen to run into problems, you can easily switch to the gantry crane to make the job of lifting smoother and easier.

Obtaining the right solution

For putting an end to the problems that arise while using the engine hoists, the Aluminum Gantries can be the chosen option, as it can readily be moved across the garage floor. Due to the presence of lightweight aluminum used in the construction of this crane, a single person is enough to move it. Moreover, the casters cause low friction so that makes it less prone to difficulty during the move. The frames of the gantry crane are also extremely lightweight. For handling any load under pressure situation, using the gantry crane is the right option. Try to check the components of the crane carefully, so that it meets your needs fully.

Replacing the engine hoist

The use of Aluminum Gantries is not restricted to the lifting capacity and the safety of the equipment. For using the gantry crane in the garage of an auto mechanic, it serves the purpose, while moving heavy parts around the garage or for loading and unloading heavy equipment. When installed with special features, the crane can operate outdoors, when you need to move the heavy objects in and out of the garage.

Best utility equipment

The ease of use and the versatility of the aluminum gantry make it the ideal option to be used in the automotive garages. It is no longer the replacement for an engine hoist, but the wide span and the reach of the gantry crane allow it to handle the job of engine removal without any hassle. Due to its versatile features, it can be used to perform a variety of tasks.